The Leighton Co.

Hi! We are Becca and Scott, husband and wife team specializing in telling authentic, joy-filled, and vibrant stories through photography and videography on wedding days and in the everyday moments of life. We fell in love over storytelling, and we believe that your story matters and is worth celebrating for generations to come. We are here to give you images and films that breathe life and bring you right back to those sweet moments every single time.


Our wedding was planned for April 2020. Being in the wedding business, we had high expectations. But, because of the pandemic, we ended up getting married in Scott's parents front yard with them, my parents watching on Zoom, our officiant, and our dear friend Katie who took photos for us. 

All of our plans changed that day, but I can look at these photos and remember waiting to walk out that door to the man who was about to become my husband. I remember the way my legs were weak with anticipation at the altar. I remember exactly what the 10 am April sun felt like as we said our vows. I remember the rush of emotion as we saw the people we loved so dearly (and hadn't seen in weeks) shower us with so much love.

This is what it's all about. Not the decorations, the dress, or the (waffle) cake. It's about declaring forever to the one you love. No matter how many guests you have or what the weather looks like, your day will be perfectly imperfect. Documenting everything you planned and everything that is unplanned, it's all a part of your story. 

these are the days.

- The nostalgic feel of 35mm film
- Supporting local artists
- Sustainable living
- Prioritizing the marriage over the wedding
- Being in the moment
- Ditching traditions that don't serve you



The Leighton Co. is a husband and wife photography and filmmaking team documenting stories of love and life through intentional, modern, and nostalgic imagery. 

Based in Portland, Maine USA
Available for travel worldwide.


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