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Becca's heart for photography began when her grandfather would pull out the projector screen, duct taped along the edges from many years of viewing the slides from their missions in Barranquilla, Colombia, owning a mobile bookstore, and raising their three children. At the time, she wasn't aware of the art of capturing a photograph, but she grew to appreciate the experience of witnessing history through them. 

Her love for capturing photographs began while she was in middle school, coincidentally right before a house fire that would destroy many of the photographs in her family's home. It wasn't until those memories began to fade, that she realized the power a photograph has in keeping these memories alive. The photos that are left are treasured deeply, burned edges and all. 

Inspired by street photography and photojournalism, it wasn't until 2016 when Becca received an opportunity to document a wedding and it sparked a new appreciation for all of the little, in-between moments that happen in life. From there, she officially started her wedding photography business, making her dream come true and capturing stories in New England, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, and Berlin, Germany. 

Becca approaches her photography in a way that is beyond the surface, always taking time to ponder a piece of work, ask what the bigger story is, believing no single moment should be taken for granted.



Scott's love for film began with a film class while attending Middlebury College. While watching the movie Casablanca, he became fascinated with the art of storytelling and all that went into the filmmaking process. 

Scott spent the rest of his 20s combining his love of storytelling with his love for outdoor adventure. This included leading overnight excursions in the San Juan Islands and sea kayaking alongside orca whales; working on several independent film projects while living in New York City, including the 2011 Met Gala; and devoting over a decade to a non-profit organization, Rippleffect, that promotes youth development through experiential outdoors adventures.

Scott's storytelling ability landed him a contracted position with a local church, which ultimately spurred on his faith and gave him the opportunity to join the church staff where he worked as the Video Director for 4 years. During this time, was given the opportunity to direct, produce, and edit his first ever short film and was awarded Best Cinematographer by LA Documentary Film Festival.

Scott wholeheartedly believes you can't tell a story better than the one you're living, and desires to pursue the beauty of life and art and take these experiences as inspiration for how he approaches his wedding films. 

It's all part of your story

We fell in love over


Documenting everything you planned and everything that is unplanned

We met at church in 2016, growing a friendship and connecting over a shared love of visual media and storytelling. After getting married in April 2020, we decided to pursue storytelling together by combining our hearts and talents and adding filmmaking to Becca's wedding photography business and rebranding as The Leighton Co, offering photography and films to couples so that they can have the best experience possible with a team who sees the world not only through joy, awe, and curiosity, but also loss, heartbreak, and failed expectations.

We take these experiences from our own lives and give our absolute best, knowing the wedding day is one of the only days you have to share with all your favorite people. The smiles, the voices, and the sweet embraces captured on photo and film could be the way you remember some of the most important people in your life and keep their legacies alive.

Let us tell your story